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no expectations no disappointments. live. love. laugh. calm, relax and enjoy life.

peace out,
yvonne alexy
Current Mood: accomplishedblessed
16 May 2010 @ 01:39 pm
One more paper to go! And then I can get going to revamp the site, my wardrobe and an inspiring  area to for my sewing machine and etc. Oh and do more window shopping. I just checked and the last time i was out was on 30 april with ann for the audi show. Hols im so gonna come!
Current Mood: productiveproductive
10 May 2010 @ 04:28 pm

Despite starting my reading early, I still find myself struggling. Especially the day before a paper.
It doesn't help that my mind tend to wonder on its own whilst being tied down with exam revisions.
It is this period that make me question whats all these for. All these stuff that I have to force myself to memorize and understand.

My aim of getting into this course was because I have an interest in industry. But it may not be anymore as direct anymore.
In my big picture of dream plan, money is secondary though essential.
It seems my dreams are distancing with it. Nevertheless I will just stick with it and get through with it.

End of slight ranting.

Well, a good point of this kind of pressure, I think it helps make you understand yourself better.
  It shows your traits. I been quite extreme. Calm and relax. Scared and dead mode.
It makes you figure what you want and don't.

And of cos it makes you learn to appreciate post-exams period which you yearn for it to come.
So you can began the gazillion of things you plan to do.

It gets you going.